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FAQs about the ENP Wind Turbine

What did it cost? 
$693,000. With additional charges of consultant and attorney fees, Alliant connections, extended warranty to five years, the district borrowed a total of $800,000 to finance the project. We received a non interest loan from the Iowa Energy Bank for $250,000, and we borrowed the remaining $550,000 from the Hardin County Savings Bank of Eldora at 5.5%. That works out to ten yearly payments of $97,000 for interest and principal. That's an average annual interest charge of 2.1%!

How did ENP get an interest free loan? 
The Iowa Energy Center in Ames, Iowa helped fund the construction of our turbine with an interest free loan of $250,000. 

Can ENP make the annual payments from energy savings? 
We think so, but the answer is "blowing in the wind." The three years prior to having the turbine, the district has averaged paying Alliant $90,000 per year for electricity. We use an average of one million kilowatts of electricity in a year. The generator is projected to generate about 1.5 million kilowatts in a year, so if that happens, we sell the extra 500,000 Kwh back for 3.8 cents/Kwh. That is $19,000 per year! Thus, IF the wind blows as projected and the generator is operational 95% of the time, the district is ahead $12,000 per year, even while we're paying it off! Worst possible situation could be less wind and more generator down time (like we did have in November '02) plus loss of the federal incentive of 1.8 cents/Kwh. IF ALL of those occur in one year, the district might have to use other funds to make the yearly payments, possibly up to $20,000/year. 

What's the projected life of the generator? 
Twenty-five to thirty years.

How tall is it? 
Approximately 160 feet to the generator. The blade length is 80 feet.

How much wind is necessary to turn it? 
Five to six miles/hour is the minimum speed to turn the blades. It will shut down when the wind speed reaches 60 mph.

When did it start producing power for ENP Schools? 
The first day of generation was October 21, 2002. 

Are you receiving inquiries about it? 
Yes! We have talked to more than a dozen other people about their school/company/community putting one up.

What is the most energy that has been produced in one day?
17,581Kw on Jan. 12, 2012, 17,499Kw on Feb. 8, 2016, 17024Kw on Jan. 1, 2012, 16,838Kw on April 4, 2007, 16,481Kw on April 6, 2007, 16,136Kw on May 11, 2003 

What is the most energy that has been produced in one month?
197,328 KWs during April 2014, 185,865 KWs during March 2004, 181,751 KWs during April 2007, 181,712 KWs during April 2006, 179,768 KWs during January 2014, and 177,312 KWs during March 2014.

How much energy has been produced in one year?
1,407,969KWHs during 2014, 1,384,196 KWHs during 2004, 1,374,675KWHs during 2006, 1,334,704KWHs during 2012, 1,288,173 Kws during 2003, and 1,195,035KWHs during 2005. The turbine was up and running 99% of 2005, 98% of 2004 and 96% of 2003.

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