Meet The Staff

Dave Akers  Instructional Leader

Dave Akers Instructional Leader

Tracie Akers  Guidance Counselor

Tracie Akers Guidance Counselor

Pat Brekke HS Food Service

Mark Bunt HS ELA

Mark Bunt HS ELA

Nancy Cook HS ELA

Nancy Cook HS ELA

Ashley Davis HS ELA

Ashley Davis HS ELA

Joey DeHart HS Industrial Arts

Amy Faris School Nurse

Patrick Gagnon K-5 / HS Vocal Music

Patrick Gagnon K-5 / HS Vocal Music

Christi Giguere Food Service Director

Misty Hanson Paraprofessional

Ruth Halvorsen HS FCS

Debra Heath HS Food Service

Sara Heiserman HS Special Education

Alex Holt HS Social Studies

Thomas Howe HS Science

Natalie Kane HS Secretary

Lisa LaVelle HS Math

Wayne Lu 5 / HS Inst. Music

Joan Mulder Registrar Secretary

Jazmine Myers HS Spanish

Molly Nagel K-5 / HS Art

Mike Olson TALS / PE

Michelle Olson K-5 / HS PE and Health

Amber Owens HS Spec. Ed. / ESL

Gregory Pfantz HS Agriculture

Michael Rundall HS Principal

Heather Sherman HS Business

Kristin Shindelar K-5 / HS TAG

JoAnn Stock HS Paraprofessional

Matt Thompson HS PE / Act. Director

Adam Weig HS Special Education

Larry Wilkerson HS Custodian

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