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Eldora Children's Center

Infant Care

* Unique opportunities for one-to-one interactions
* Daily Notes sent home about your baby's activities
* Infants are read to and listen to music daily
* Tummy time for babies
* We always use the current SIDS prevention standards(12 months - 24 months


3-5 Year Old Care

* Experiences which support emotional and social development
* Circle time / reading / music daily
* Learning centers / art experiences
* Neighborhood walks
* Field trips & weekly library story time

3 Year Old Preschool Program

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday , and Friday Mornings 8:30-11

When young children are provided opportunities to learn in safe, loving, exciting environments they will develop the ability to persist at tasks, as well as eagerness and curiosity about their world. When they can handle and experiment with materials and objects they will develop inventiveness and creativity and when they can play with other children and adults who encourage their ideas they will learn to play and reflect on their activities. The experiences that children are provided by caring adults help them create a vast resource of general knowledge about their world. Our Preschool Curriculum "Beyond Centers & Circle Time" set of themes contains experiences that will support the development of the whole child through topics that young children find interesting.

* Me and My family 
* Real and Make-Believe
* The Farm and the City
* Insects and Spiders
* Birds in My Neighborhood
* Animals of the Jungle 
* Amphibians and Reptiles
* Oceans and Ocean Life
* Authors and Illustrators


Older Infant & Toddler Care

* Caring adults encourage and take pleasure in child's emerging interests and skills
* Story time, music and movement
* Sensory experiences with paints, water, play dough
* Outdoor play time every morning & afternoon
* Neighborhood walks

What We Ask of Our Parents

* Teachers and parents share knowledge of child and understanding of child's development* Parents are welcome in the program and participate in the decisions about their child's care and education* Experience family events like "Family Fest" which strengthens our sense of community, offers exploration and discovery and parenting information

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